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Alexis Turner

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At the age of 32 I am still on the hunt for my dream career and I want this to be it.  I need you to give me something to do!

My Blog

My Bipolar Diaries was started 6 years ago after a life changing event. I hyper-focused on mental health, learning everything I possibly could about it. With the  plethora  of resources I gathered, I thought "why not start a blog?" I just now mustered up the courage to publish it.

My Ethos

  • Life of the party
  • Listens more than speaks (you don't learn anything when you are talking)
  • Lives a dogs life

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My Blog


• Bipolar disorder can have a negative impact on a person’s aspirations and relationships. Sufferers, however, can develop coping skills and techniques to keep their life on track in conjunction with good medical care. Bipolar disease, like many other mental illnesses, can be difficult to diagnose. While most sufferers believe the illness to be a burden, […] • Emotions are neither good or bad, right or wrong, feelings just ARE They exist. It’s not helpful to judge your emotions There is a diffe
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Numbness and Depression

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